Collaborating to create an Information Literacy Continuum

These pages represent a collaborative effort to create a document to support teacher-librarians working in inquiry-based learning environments and borrows heavily from the New York City Information Fluency Continuum, the IB-based work of Ingrid Skirrow, and the inquiry-based work of Kath Murdoch. Special thanks to Dianne McKenzie for sharing and allowing us to borrow from her own adaptions of the NYC Info Continuum for Discovery College.

Collaborative Information Fluency (CIF)

CIF Kindergarten
CIF Grade 1
CIF Grade 2
CIF Grade 3
CIF Grade 4
CIF Grade 5
CIF Grade 6
CIF Grade 7
CIF Grade 8
CIF Grade 9
CIF Grade 10
CIF Grade 11
CIF Grade 12

Practical Application

Document ideas to support practical application of the CIF in planning and teaching


Reflections and Suggestions

The view from the Big 6 from Doug Glenn at SSIS

Inquiry Phases

Connect:Connecting to own interests, prior knowledge, and background knowledge

Wonder: Asking questions, making predictions, forming tentative thesis

Investigate: Finding and evaluating information to answer questions

Construct: Constructing new understandings, forming opinions, drawing conclusions

Express: Applying new understandings to new context; expressing new ideas to share with others

Reflect: Reflecting on own learning; asking new questions


Information Fluency Skills - Benchmarks - Kindergarten - Grade 2

Information Fluency Skills - Benchmarks - Grade 3 - 5

Information Fluency Skills - Benchmarks - Grade 6 - 8

Information Fluency Skills - Benchmarks - Grades 9 - 12

Priority Benchmark Skills - Kindergarten - Grade 5

Priority Benchmark Skills - Grades 6 - 8

Priority Benchmark Skills - Grades 9 - 12

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